network installation

TECHTRONICS INFOTECH stocks full range of networking switches, routers and accessories. We also provide networking installations and configurations for both offices and home computers.

Our network installation team makes sure you get the best results from your network. We can help you whether you are connecting a few computers or hundreds of PCs and laptops.

We start by mapping out the existing systems you want to connect (e.g. servers, computers and laptops) and additional components your users want to access such as printers, scanners and web cameras. We then identify if you will need additional hardware, for example comms cabinets, patch panels, additional servers, wifi routers, cabling and wiring. Based on that analysis we prepare a network installation project plan which includes:

  • Map of all components to be connected
  • Network diagram
  • Shopping list and budget for items to be purchased (e.g. routers)
  • Internet connection configuration (port numbers, IP address allocation)

We can procure any hardware required if you do not want to source and purchase it yourself.  If you are considering installing or upgrading a network we would be happy to provide a quote at no cost to you.